The ArtisBrowser has been designed to provide the most robust and impenetrable copy protection for web pages.

Today it is the only browser suitable for any real copy protection and when used to display content delivered by the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) it can provide the most secure protection for web pages on the planet. Nothing can be saved or copied and with SSL applied web pages can also also be safe from packet sniffers.

Browser Features

As a web browser the ArtistScope is very different to popular browsers that were designed to exploit web media and intellectual property. None of the exploits commonly found in popular browsers are possible and when displaying pages delivered from an ASPS web site, all of the options listed below can be applied:

  • Prevention of copy and PrintScreen.
  • Safe from packet sniffers when SSL is used.
  • Pages/media cannot be saved/downloaded.
  • Safe from cache downloaders and data miners.
  • Media not retrievable from cache or Temporary Internet Files.
  • Browser and font support for all languages.
  • Supports web pages delivered from any type of server or CMS.
  • Supported across all Windows OS since XP.
  • Supports other protection solutions such as CopySafe Web.
  • Can navigate normal doorway pages leading to protected content.

The ArtisBrowser is the only browser that sill supports real browser plugins like those used to display Copysafe PDF on web pages and it already includes the browser plugin required for CopySafe Web pages. Other solutions using NPAPI plugins will also supported making this web browser the only choice for any type of copy protection applied in a web browser space.

Site Protection Options

The ArtisBrowser has been especially designed to cater for web site protection needs and is ideal for use with the following solutions:

ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

ASPS server software can be installed as a server-side filter on dedicated/virtual servers. Or it can be rented as an ASPS Protected Hosting service to mirror existing web sites.

More information and pricing can be found in the ArtistScope Site Protection System section.

CopySafe PDF

Although CopySafe PDF is more versatile and more secure when distributed for desktop reading with DRM applied, some authors do prefer the convenience of displaying protected PDF on their web pages for site visitors. However to display copy protected on a web page requires use of the ArtisBrowser because as of late 2015 it is the only web browser that still supports real browser plugins.

More information and pricing can be found in the CopySafe PDF Protection section.

CopySafe Web Protection

CopySafe Web was first released in 1999 and has provided the most affordable and most effective copy protection for web pages until the release of ASPS. It is still used by many web sites but as a browser plugin, today it requires use of the ArtisBrowser because all other browsers have dropped real plugin support in preference to simple JavaScript and HTML add-ons that can be deployed on mobile phones.

The ArtistBrowser automatically includes the CopySafe Web plugin.

More information and pricing can be found in the CopySafe Web Protection section.


Download the ArtisBrowser

The ArtisBrowser is a free download to the public. It has been designed to properly protect web media and can only be downloaded/installed if in full agreement with the User Agreement.

ArtisBrowser : Version 27.9.3

  ArtisBrowser (includes APM and CopySafe support)  58 Mb   Download 

The ArtisBrowser is not a cloned browser as most are. It is neither dependent nor affected by other web browsers. The ArtisBrowser can be used with any type of web site or web application regardless of the programming language used.

Changes and Revision

2018-09-05 Version 27.9.3 includes HTML5 video support for all Windows versions since XP.
2018-01-31 Version includes APM and CopySafe support as install options.
2017-01-01 Version includes new APM Reader to resolve APM Token issues.
2016-10-02 Added capability of setting as the Default Browser (installer v2.0.1.19).
Included install options for ArtistScope Portable Media Reader.
2016-01-04 Improved web search and included CopySafe Web plugin.
2015-07-06 ArtistScope Web Browser version 2.0 released for all web sites.
2013-08-25 ASPS Web Reader name changed to ASPS Web Browser.
2012-12-12 ASPS Web Reader version released for Windows 8.
2011-04-28 ArtistScope Web Reader launched for copy protected web sites.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Can the ArtisBrowser be branded with our company name and logo?
Absolutely not. Any changes to this most secure and powerful web browser will have most security appliaations and anti-virus software calling foul. Sure there are other psusedo "copy protection" solutions offering branding and they may be getting away with it because their solution is either ineffective at system level where it needs to action to properly protect anything or they are simply ignorant of the ramifications of losing reputation.
Can the ArtisBrowser be used as the default browser in our network?
Yes. Most functions for bookmarking, etc are available. There is no provision for installing add-ons and extensions so users on your network won't be able to install applications designed to exploit/copy.
Can the ArtisBrowser be used as a "kiosk" browser?
Absolutely. In fact it was especially designed to be configurable for full browser window without toolbars and also configurable to open at whatever size your web designer nominates. For example one page could open at 1200 x 800 while the next page opens at 800 x 600.
What other options are available to our web designer?
When not dislaying ASP web pages your designer can control window size, get the window/screen size of the user's computer and retrieve the unique ID of the user's computer which can be used to identify and enforce DRM thus preventing sharing of accounts/logins. When displaying ASPS web pages you have even more options such as allow/disallow copy, remote viewing and printing.
Are there any limitations that our web designer needs to know?
Pop up windows using a new browser window are not recommended. Instead your designer should use tabs or layers opening within the same browser window.
Can the ArtisBrowser be used on all devices and OS such as phones?
No. Windows is required. However Mac users can install the ArtistScope web browser by running Windows in a Parallels partition.
Are there plans to extend ArtisBrowser support to other OS?
Not possible. All non-Windows OS are useless for real copy protection because they cannot prevent copy at system level. Nor can they reliably identify the user's machine to properly enforce DRM. They are for all intents and purposes, "amusement devices for the masses" and any author publishing their intellectual property for such devices does so at their own peril.